Flixist Awards 2011: The Pterodactyl


Today is day I’ve been ruing for a long time know. Up until today, I’ve been getting really close with all the candidates, but alas, today is the day that I must cast friendships aside and deliver  the verdict of the Best Character of 2011 for the Flixist Awards. That’s right folks, one of my friends buddies lovers life mates will get the coveted Pterodactyl.

“What’s the Pterodactyl’ you say? Why, it’s only second to the Nobel Peace Prize (to some people). It’s the award Flixist bestowed upon not the actor, but the character they portray on screen. This means that a number of things contribute to an awesome character, whether it be acting strength, good writing or good direction. I’ll tell you what doesn’t go into consideration, whether or not these characters helped you move into your new apartment (sorry guys).

It’s going to be hard because after today, friendships are bound to change. They all say it doesn’t matter, but I know it’ll be awkward. Soon they’ll all start to act funny around me, stop taking my calls and will constantly flake out on me all because the The Pterodactyl losers will be bitter towards me and the winner will get too big for their britches and start hanging out with the popular crowd. What’s worse is that they all mean so much to me and i can’t stand losing any of them! I’ve had long chatty talks over cosmos with Driver, took a gnarly shroom trip with Jack the Dog, squirrel hunting with NPH and a comedy show with Lisbeth Salander. All wonderful memories I never want to let go of.

-sigh- Below the fold, 2011’s Best Character.

I know what you’re thinking … “How does a character with no name and little dialogue win Best Character”. Perhaps it was exactly that, a very understated mysterious character who’s so ‘effin cool he doesn’t say anything unless it’s absolutely necessary. Perhaps it’s also the fact that nobody has every made bashing dudes faces in with fashionable boots look so good. Girls want to be with him, guys want to be with him and psychopaths want to hurl hot dogs at people in his name. It had to be Driver from Drive, and so it will be.

What’s surprising about the results is another character with no dialogue was Jack, the adorable little Jack Russell from The Artist. I’d like to say that the lack of lines was due to The Artist being a silent film, but it probably has something to do with the fact that dogs do not possess the ability to speak.

My condolences to the losers … hope we can remain friends after this. The rest of the results are available below. 

The Driver – 6
Jack the Dog – 3
NPH – 2
Sid (The Descendents) – 1
Hanna – 1
The Woman – 1
Lisbeth Salander –  

The Driver (Drive) – 6
Jack the Dog (The Artist) – 3
Neil Patrick Harris (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas) – 2
Sid (The Descendants) – 1
Hanna (Hanna) – 1
The Woman (The Woman) – 1
Lisbeth Salander (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) – 1