Flixist Awards 2011: Worst Movie


2011 wound up being a reasonably lackluster year for movies. There were a few greats, but by and large, there were a hell of a lot more middling movies. Also, there was a ton of crap. Adam Sandler seemed to devolve into just straight trolling his audience, Zack Snyder showed us how much he hated women, and someone seemed to think it was a good idea to let Madonna make a movie. It really was such a surprise that we had so many terrible movies this year, moreso than the surprise of any of the really great movies.

Only one movie, however, can take home the Golden Dactyl for Worst Movie of 2011. Dig it below the jump!

The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence can barely be described as a movie. It revels in disgusting imagery, as if writer/director Tom Six had decided to say, “Hey, did you think Human Centipede was fucked up? Well FUCK YOU LOOK AT THIS SHIT I MEAN SHIT LITERALLY BY THE WAY.” Reveling in disgusting imagery is a valid tool for a filmmaker, if there’s context that warrants it. Human Centipede 2, however, has absolutely nothing going on under the surface. It’s got a main character that is an irredeemable, disgusting psychopath that has to rely on the exposition of others to even try to contextualize the horrible things he does. I’m all for an utterly evil character that no one tries to make sympathetic, but Martin is so poorly written that he makes me want to kill the person who first invented film in his crib, just so Tom Six wouldn’t be able to make this movie. And the ending pulls one of the absolute worst plays you can make in terms of ending a story.

Here’s how the voting broke down. As you can see, there was an ample candidate pool, as we had a lot of shit to choose from, but, after a tiebreaker vote, Human Centipede 2 came out on top.

  • Human Centipede 2 – 2
  • Bucky Larson – 2
  • Sucker Punch – 2
  • New Years Eve – 1
  • W.E. – 1
  • X-Men First Class – 1
  • Straw Dogs – 1
  • Jack & Jill – 1
  • Green Lantern – 1
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One – 1
  • Red Tails – 1