Flixist @ Fantastic Fest 2011: Expect weird, gross things


There are a lot of film festivals going on this month, but I’m happy to be right here in Austin with Fantastic Fest. Starting today, I will be watching, covering and barfing at the films selected at this year’s festival.

For six years, Tim League (founder of Alamo Drafthouse), Harry Knowles (founder of the site that shall not be named!) and others have thrown together the grossiest, scariest and weirdest films together. These are films that other festivals shy away from, not to mention some of these films never receive proper distribution. I’m still looking for releases of some of my favorites from last year. Along with absurd films, Fantastic Fest is one of the few film festivals where you can get drunk and light fireworks with Elijah Wood or find that musician/hobbit dude from Lost asking a director questions from the crowd.

Some of the most hyped films this year include The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), Extraterrestrial, Take Shelter, Retreat and Sleep Tight

Check back in this week for reviews, event recaps and interviews from the madness that is Fantastic Fest. Also, be sure to follow my coverage of Fantastic Arcade (the videogame companion) at Destructoid. Follow me on Twitter, while you are at it (I’m lonely!)