Flixist Film School: A call for questions (Last call!)


Last call for questions! Tomorrow will be the last day to send in any filmmaking questions you have for the Flixist crew.

Hey all. Recently, I’ve received a few emails from readers asking about certain topics we haven’t covered on past Flixist Film School articles. A lot of them are very specific things, like how to identify useless scenes, or what framing a shot is all about. Which gave me an idea: why not have an entire reader’s choice article? 

What I need from you are your filmmaking questions. They don’t have to be about a certain topic, either. Anything goes for reader’s choice month! Send your questions to [email protected], or leave a comment if it’s a short one. Let’s try and have all the questions in by October 7th.

Thank you guys so much for reading Flixist Film School. You’re all amazing. <3