Flixist is going to the Oscars and I need your help


UPDATE: Today is the last day to ask questions. Get ’em in, folks!

So, there’s this little event going down on Sunday, you may have heard of it. It’s called the Academy Awards, and from what I can tell, it’s kind of a thing. I’ll actually be there this year to yell questions at actors, writers, directors, and the like at the height of their emotional limit; Naturally, I’ll need some good questions. But after asking the other editors and coming up with a bunch of bupkis, I needed to turn to a more reliable group of people.

This is where you guys come in. I’m making up my list of questions all this week, slaving diligently over IMDb and Wikipedia pages trying to find the best information I can. But I’m probably going to miss thinking of the best questions. Since this is going to be for the community anyway, why not get your input? Send me your burning questions for any Oscar nominee!

But don’t just think of the actors and directors. There’s a whole cornucopia of folks there without a household name representing great works in documentaries, short films, costume design, editing, cinematography, and anything else I forgot to mention. Besides, they’re more likely to answer questions and pose as pterodactyls.

So what you should do is leave a comment in this article with the question, and who it’s for. Or if you have a whole litany of questions, shoot me an email! However, I need all the questions in by Sunday at 11am PST. Who knows, the best question-asker may even get a prize from my stash of prizes. So let’s get those questions in!