Flixist joins SOPA/PIPA blackout protest on the 18th


In case you haven’t heard, SOPA and PIPA are kind of dumb. Giving corporations and the government the ability to DNS and search engine block websites pretty much goes against everything that wonderful piece of parchment known as the Bill of Rights states. SOPA/PIPA will be the main topic of discussion between the House on the 18th, so to state our dissatisfaction with the proposed bill, Flixist (as well as the rest of Modern Method) will be joining Reddit and Wikipedia in an all-day blackout. Who cares if you can’t access your favorite blogs for one day? Imagine never having access to that content ever again. That’s the type of damage SOPA/PIPA could do.

Since you’ll have the whole day to yourself, why not spread the word? Call your senator, yell it across your neighborhood, do whatever it takes to make sure people are informed on how awful and vile this bill is. And if you’re looking for more ways to educate folks on this issue, head on over to the Entertainment Consumers Association. It’s a great site that has a bunch of awesome material to read over and spread to everyone you know.