Flixist Movie Club: Brickcast


So first off, an apology. We totally meant to have this ready for just after Noir Week. Then, as it happened, things went pear shaped. I moved, Bob moved, Pixar Week happened, and that all compounds with the fact that we lovely gents that make Flixist Movie Club are a bunch of lazy bastards. Ok, a lot of that is me. Anyway, after too long a hiatus, here is the long-awaited Brickcast, all about Rian Johnson’s Brick. It’s a hell of a movie, and I think we got some good discussion out of it. Find us on iTunes, or click the link below to download directly!

Please join us next time for a discussion of the anime classic Paprika. A note on that, though. When we recorded, it was still on Netflix Instant, but it is not on Netflix Instant at the time of this writing. I had to go get a copy at Blockbuster like it was 2002! The humanity!