Flixist Movie Club: Cabin in the Woodscast


That’s right, folks. You’ve heard us talking about it, and now it’s here. This morning, we bring the vaunted return of the Flixist Movie Club! Today, Hubert, Max, Liz, Geoff, Dre, and myself discuss The Cabin in the Woods. I have to say, this is probably the single best podcast we’ve recorded for Flixist so far. We discuss some of the underlying meta-fictional themes going on in the film, the cultural implications, and, of course, a whole lot of crazy nonsense. I’d like to stress, again, that this is rampantly full of spoilers, including spoilers within the first few minutes of the show, so if you haven’t seen Cabin in the Woods yet, I implore you to go out, catch a showing, then listen.

Also, we’ve got a solid drinking game going here. Take a drink every time I say “meta-fictional” or Max says, “Here’s the thing.” You’re welcome. Your regularly scheduled Flixist Show will return at the same time next week.

Until then, find us on iTunes (write us a review!), the Amazon App Store, or the direct link below! See ya next week!

Flixist Movie Club: Cabin in the Woodscast.mp3