Flixist Movie Club: F for Fakecast: The Bib of Pretension


So, uh, this episode of Flixist Movie Club sort of revolves around Orson Welles’s final film as a director, F for Fake. I say “sort of” because we got very off the rails in the second half of the show. Maybe it’s because we were tired, maybe it’s because we’re too dumb to talk about the movie, and maybe it’s because we originally meant to record two weeks ago, and then life happened. By the way, if you use MP3 Skype Recorder for ANYTHING, shoot yourself in the mouth, because that’s a better user experience than that crap program. Download this…interesting show on iTunes or go below the jump for the direct link. Also, here is the link to the document we discussed at length on the show. It’s…oh god, I’m getting fired for this show, I just know it. 

Next time, we’ll be discussing Fritz Lang’s M, the first serial killer movie, and after that, we’ve got a very special surprise for you!

Update: Oh, Jamie made this for me. I’m including it in the gallery. I feel like I need to apologize again.

FMC-F for Fakecast.mp3