Flixist Movie Club: Hobo with a Shotguncast


On this final episode of Flixist Movie Club, we discussed the grindhouse gore-fest Hobo with a Shotgun. We even had special guests, in the form of the writers, directors, producers, and stars of Flixist favorite The Blood Grinder, David Conte, Nick Schwartz, and Matt Braunsdorf. We had a ball talking with them, and we can’t wait to see them on the show again! Find us on iTunes, or download from the direct link below.

You also may have noticed that I said “final” Flixist Movie Club. That’s right, this is the last Flixist Movie Club, in its current form. As I mentioned on the show, we’re putting a moratorium on Flixist podcasting for a little while, but rest assured, the Flixist Movie Club crew will be back, and soon, to entertain and to f**k the living hell out of some cars.

Thank you so much for listening. 

(Also, you can find more of the gentleman in this header image at his band Univore’s web page right here)

FMC- Shotguncast.mp3