Flixist Movie Club: M-cast: Cereal Killer


Jesus, Flixist Movie Club is just flying off the rails. This show’s, what, just over an hour long? I think we talk about Fritz Lang’s M, the subject of tonight’s show, for maybe, maybe half an hour. More like twenty minutes. We mostly talk about the abomination of a method that Geoff uses to eat cereal. Also, Dre made us an awesome photoshop of the film’s true murderer, which is in the gallery. Basically, he’s just the worst. Click the link below the jump to download the show directly, or just head over and find us on iTunes!

Next time, we’ll be watching Hobo with a Shotgun with some very special guests. I can almost maybe guarantee that this time, the movie won’t get yanked from Netflix Instant literally the same moment that this post goes live. 

FMC: Mcast.mp3