Flixist Movie Club: Paprikast


The lovely Bob Muir hosts this week’s episode of Flixist Movie Club, where we delve into the dangerous dream world of the anime classic Paprika. It’s a movie about dreams and dream worlds bleeding into reality, so, suffice to say, things are gonna get cray cray. You can download us via iTunes, or just click the direct download link below the jump.

Next week, we reach into the worlds of documentaries and Orson Welles with Welles’s final film as a director, F for Fake. Now, this one used to be on Netflix, but now, it’s only on Hulu Plus, as part of Hulu’s acquisition of all the Criterion Collection films. It’s just lovely that this is TWO flicks in a row that we’ve said, on the show, are on Netflix, only to be harshly reminded by the sadness of reality. So, to participate in the next FMC, you’ll need to sign up for a free trial of Hulu Plus, if not sign up for the service outright.

See you in two weeks!