Flixist Movie Club: Prometheuscast


That’s right, the Flixist Movie Club is back with Prometheuscast! Max, Jenika, Dre, Liz, and I are joined by Destructoid’s Jim Sterling as we talk about Ridley Scott’s latest science fiction opus. We delve into some of the movie’s weird third-act leaps of logic, the links of the film to the greater Alien mythos, and, of course, imagine the film as a launchpad to relaunch a failed attempt at an Aliens Saturday morning cartoon. That’s where things just start getting racist. You know you love it. I apologize in advance for wrecking Sterling’s career, but seriously, it’s no worse than your average episode of Podtoid. 

I feel like I don’t need to mention this, but this show contains HEAVY SPOILERS for Prometheus. Seriously, if you’re listening to this show without watching Prometheus first, you’re doing it wrong. Below the cut, you’ll find the direct link and the Fassbender gif we discuss briefly in the episode.

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Flixist Movie Club: Prometheuscast.mp3