Flixist Movie Club: Rubbercast


Hey, guys! Welcome to a special edition of Get Your Flix. We’re calling it Get Your Flix: Flixist Movie Club!

Max, Sean, Geoff, Dre, and myself spoke at occasionally anti-Semitic lengths about the new film Rubber, and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. I should warn you, though, that the discussion probably won’t mean much to you until you see the movie, so mosey on over to iTunes or your preferred video on demand service, and give it a rent. Spoilers will abound here, obviously. But at the end of the show, we reached an impasse as to what we will be watching in two weeks time. We narrowed it down to Dogtooth and The Signal.

I’m going to toss the trailers to both those movies below the jump, and you can tell us which one you want to be the next Get Your Flix: Flixist Movie Club entry. We’ll choose, judging from the comments by next week.

Anyway, check the link right below for the episode. Apologies for the quality. It was my first time recording a podcast! See you for the next Flixist Movie Club in two weeks!

Flixist Movie Club: Rubbercast


The Signal