Flixist reviews: scoring guide cheat sheet!


Here at Flixist we want to give you the best idea of how good (or bad) a movie is and thus have created a scoring system that allows us to score movies in more detail than most sites. We use a 100 point system that allows us to not only score accurately, but also makes sure we can really get across what we thought about the film. Reading the full review will always give you a better idea, and we’d prefer you do that, but the descriptions of the scores (found below, and also at the bottom of any given review) will give you a pretty good summary.

You’ll notice that our 100 is extremely difficult to get, as are 90s, and even 80s. You also won’t see a escort istanbul lot of films drop below the 20s. We use everything. (A 60 is a recommendation, albeit a tepid one.) This doesn’t mean we’ll never use these scores, but we keep our review scores honest by giving istanbul escort them a broad scale to work with. We have a tough scoring system istanbul escort bayan because we want it to mean something.

[Last update: 2/13/14 – Ed.]

100 – Legendary. This film is, quite literally, one of the best and most influential films ever made. It is legendary.

95 – 99: Ultimate. These are films that change what we think films are capable of. They move beyond genre conventions to create a unique experience that is one of the best films ever made.  

90 – 94: Spectacular. An instant classic that will go down as one of the best films we’ve ever seen.

85 – 89: Exceptional. This film is an exceptional representation of its own genre, and anyone and everyone should love it. Expect to see it on year-end lists.

80 – 84: Great. Everyone should see this film on opening night, regardless of their film interests. You’ll be talking about this one for a while.

70 – 79: Good. These films are satisfying to watch. You’ll like (and possible even love) them. They may not change your life, but you’ll have no regrets.

60 – 69: Decent. This film may not have attempted to do anything special or interesting, but it was nonetheless enjoyable. Catch it at a matinee.

50 – 59: Average. This film is completely and utterly average. Either it is painfully bland or has its best qualities effectively cancelled out by its worst. Either way, it’s not worth more than a rental.

40 – 49: Subpar. Though not offensively bad, this film is not particularly worth watching. Any standout elements weren’t enough to save it.

30 – 39: Bad. While very few people may find this film worthwhile, the vast majority will want to skip it altogether. Movies like this have very little redeeming value.

20 – 29: Terrible. It doesn’t matter what your film tastes are, you shouldn’t see this film. You and the entire cast should feel ashamed for wasting your time if you do.

10 – 19: Atrocious. This is a film where everything went wrong. You will be incredibly angry if you see this, livid if you paid money to do so. Avoid it at all costs.

0 – 9: Repulsive. These films are not only complete failures but morally repugnant. If one shows up on your TV, throw it out the window because it’s been sullied forever.