Flixist’s NYCC 2013 Wrap-Up: Saturday, October 12

Flixist Reminisces about the New York Comic-Con (Saturday)

So, Matt, Hubert, and I are at this year’s New York Comic-Con. We were planning on telling you earlier, but the internet at the Javitz Center is terrible at best, so it didn’t happen. But we’re going to be there again today, so if you’re on the show floor, look out for us and say hello. If you don’t know what we look like… well, that’s what the video above is for.

In that video, we talk about our day. Unfortunately, this year’s Con really wasn’t great for movies. Matt actually saw something, Hubert didn’t see anything, and Alec didn’t see anything at Comic-Con but saw something cool at the New York Film Festival. That being said, On Friday, Hubert did see a panel related to the upcoming remake of Oldboy. A video describing that experience (complete with umbrella twirling) can be found below.

Impressions of the 2013 NYCC Oldboy Remake Panel/Clips