Flixist will be talking to Tommy Wiseau!


Hey everybody, we have an announcement to make! We’re expecting! An interview with The Room maestro, Tommy Wiseau, that is!

Yes, this generation’s Ed Wood will be chatting with Flixist exclusively, because two is great but three’s a crowd. The venerable Mr. Wiseau will be headlining The Room Live at the AFI Silver in Maryland this Friday and Saturday at 7pm. We will, of course, be in attendance. If you’re as fascinated with all things Tommy Wiseau as we are, you might also be interested to know that he has a new video game show, obviously titled The Tommy Wi-Show, coming soon. You gawp in awe at the trailer here. If you don’t, you’re obviously some sort of chicken. Chirp chirp cheep cheep!

Expect the interview next week, that’s the idea. If you’re going to be attending the show, be sure to bring plenty of spoons, footballs and implausibly garish shirts. Ha ha ha, what a story. Hi doggy! Etc.