Flixist X Dtoid to host a post-PAX East viewing of The FP

[UPDATE: We still need 72 more RSVPs for this event to happen. If you know anyone in the Boston area that either lives there or is going to PAX East, let them know about this! It’s going to be an awesome night!]

We are big fans of the soon-to-be cult classic The FP. It’s so good we’ve gone ahead and teamed up with Destructoid and the guys at Tugg to present a screening of the film after PAX East. On Sunday, April 8 at 8 p.m. we’ll be screening the film at the Boston Common 19 in… Boston. After the screening myself, Andres Bolivar and Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes will discuss the film and basically have a good time with everyone. It’s the perfect way to round off your weekend of fun.

Now in order for the screening to go off we need to pull in 100 viewers. Tickets are only $9 a head so grab your friends and pick up a few to enjoy an awesome night watching the only movie about a dystopian future where conflicts are settled via (not) DDR. It’s basically the coolest thing ever and if you don’t believe me check out Alex’s review.

To get tickets just head here and procure. Hope I get to see you there!

Matthew Razak
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