Flixistentialism needs your questions for answering


Good morning, my friends and compatriots. Andres is dealing with a gout epidemic, so I tagged in with the assist for this week’s call for Flixistentialism questions. For those that may not remember or haven’t been around, Andres “Yo…” Bolivar, Nick “Hey guys.” Valdez, Liz “Hi!” Rugg, and myself, Geoff “Sup?” Henao, make up your podcast crew for the night.

Ask us questions about films, life, food, girls, boys (for Liz!), pets, animals, video games, loneliness, depression, anxiety, bad haircuts, good mustaches, post-rock, trap music, and what happened to all of the rude boys and rude girls from the early 2000s. Of course, we’ll probably only answer the film-related questions, but hey… we love getting questions.

This’ll also be my last podcast before Matt, Hubert, and I leave for SXSW, so anybody interested in what we’ll be doing there should ask!