Florida children exposed to sex instead of Frozen


I haven’t seen it, but the buzz around Frozen leads me to believe it might just be one of those kids movies; a thematically interesting film that doesn’t talk down to children. It sounds like a real crowd pleaser, both kids and adults should enjoy it. But for one unsuspecting audience, I’d say the scales were tipped in favor of the adults.

On Monday, Pinellas Park, FL families sat down for what they assumed would be a good Disney flick and a nice day at the movies. Instead, they got a sex scene.

According to a report from Tampa Bay’s Fox affiliate, the theater was having technical difficulties, so they chose to play a filler cartoon while they tried to get the film running. That’s when the sex happened, says witness Lynn Greene.

Greene claims the clip was around two minutes long; another says it was an extended trailer for Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac. Regal Cinemas says the clip was from “the wrong movie playing accidentally.”

Whatever the case, this is hilarious. I bet it’s not as funny for the parents in the audience, but I’m not them! Schadenfreude, man.

[Source: Gawker]