For $8,000, you can buy life-sized Ben Affleck Batman AND Henry Cavill Superman statues


Last month we mentioned that you can buy a life-sized armored Batman statue for $8,000. Well, if you have another couple grand laying around near your cabinet full of Fabergé eggs, you can now buy new life-sized statutes of Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight and Henry Cavill as The Man of Steel.

The Ben Affleck Batman statue is 83.5″ tall, and the Henry Cavill Superman statue is 93″ tall. Both are also dreamy.

You can buy these life-sized (but not fully functional) statues courtesy of Section 9, purveyors of many life-sized statues and collectibles. Individually the Superman statue and Batman statue will set you back $4,297 a piece. As a pair, though, you can get both for the handsomely low price of $7,997.

Check out images of the statues in the gallery.

(Also, the offer still stands. If you have that much disposable income, we can discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement to subsidize my writing career. I can dress up as Batman or Superman for you. Hell, I can dress up as that guy from Argo, and I can do live cam shows of me writing literary essays, short fiction, and cultural criticism. Come on, let’s make a deal.)

[via Collider]

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