For one night, Tony Montana will return to the big screen


Do you like Cubans, cursing, and cavalcades of cocaine? Well, then you’ve probably already seen Scarface. However, there’s a pretty good chance you didn’t see it in theaters back in 1983. If you didn’t, and spend each and every night lying awake crying about it, you are getting one more chance! On August 31st, a week before the film’s $1000 Blu-ray release, the film will screen in over 500 theaters nationwide at their respective 7:30 PM local times. Before each screening will be a special featurette consisting of a bunch of famous directors talking about how great the movie is. Frankly, that bit sounds pretty obnoxious, but I think it’d be a pretty cool thing to see the film’s final scene in all of its drug-fueled, blood-soaked glory up on the big screen. To find out if it’s showing in a theater near you, hit the source link.

[Via Fathom Events]