For the sinners, a ‘Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts’ promo


Recently touted as “Probably the only film that features an Oscar winner, an Emmy winner, a Tony nominee, a Grammy nominee and an Adult Video News Award winner,” the documentary Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts will be previewed at Comic-Con International this weekend. Those of us on the East Coast would have to use our imaginations until it hits DVD this Fall, if not for this absolutely insane teaser trailer.

This promo for the exploratory doc on crazed comicbook writer Ellis makes me less uncomfortable than the first one did. There’s still the horrifying concept of Stoya and Dame Helen Mirren sharing something in common besides nudity on film, and a puppet more murderous than anything witnessed in that one episode of Angel, but mostly it sticks to the words of Warren rather than the person, who consumes Red Bull, whiskey, and smokes at a quick enough rate to make me sick to my stomach.

I interviewed director Patrick Meaney last year and have since watched Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods. From the experience, I can safely bet that Captured Ghosts will be DVD gold for the comic junkie, but might serve anyone seeking insight into the unhinged world of creative genius. Hit the jump for your sneak peak.

[Via Wired]

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