Fox bringing Magic: The Gathering card game to big screen


Being an ex-Magic: The Gathering player I can tell you that its best element is its deep and intrinsic plot. No, seriously, there’s a pretty impressive world created behind the card game that you can dive into, it’s just not what most people see. The fact that story isn’t at the forefront of the brand won’t stop Fox from making a movie about it, though, as they’ve wrapped up the film rights to the card game. 

Simon Kinberg, who runs X-Men and Fantastic Four for the studio, will be producing with an eye to turn the property into an epic franchise with multiple movies. This is clearly a play to capitalize off the success of not only “toy” movies, but also find a replacement fantasy series once Hollywood has exhausted Lord of the Rings (if they do let that die after The Hobbit). With work getting underway pretty quickly on the project we’ll probably still see World of Warcraft hit theaters first, which could still some thunder.

The real question is how many card quotes (or flavor texts, as they’re known) can they cram into the movie? I always liked this one.

[via Variety]

Matthew Razak
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