Fox confirms BH90210 is the end of the series


In this modern era of reboots and remakes, it was no surprised that the “classic” 90s series Beverly Hills, 90210 got a reboot. More a tongue-in-cheek look at reboot culture, BH90210 released earlier this year to some decent critical reception and fan response. Many liked what they saw and were hoping that a second season could improve upon the groundwork. Sadly, that second season won’t be coming.

Fox has confirmed to multiple sources that BH90210 has been canceled. Despite launching to the highest ratings of a scripted show this summer, it seems this reunion was destined to be short lived. In a statement, Fox said, “We are so proud to have reunited in a very special summer event one of the network’s legacy series and casts with 90210 fans across the country. Profound thanks to and respect for Brian, Gabrielle, Ian, Jason, Jennie, Shannen and Tori, who, along with the entire crew and everyone at FOX and CBS Television Studios, poured their hearts and souls into this truly inventive and nostalgic revival.”

As Variety reports, the revival suffered some behind the scenes drama during its production. Showrunner Patrick Sean Smith had quit along with a couple of senior-level writers over creative differences with the cast. The writers were also reportedly unhappy with executives overseeing the project and making creative demands. It’s a wonder six episodes were even produced, what with all the turmoil behind the camera.

At any rate, this is the end for fans of the 90210 brand…until another six spin-offs happen on various different networks.

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