Fox just cancelled two of the best comedies on TV


Yesterday Fox decided it wanted to kill the majority of its quality comedy shows by cancelling both The Last Man on Earth and Brooklyn 99. This is in a world where The Big Bang Theory, a show that is basically just repeating the same joke over and over, is still on the air. Darkest timeline. Darkest.

While The Last Man on Earth had a bit of a bumpy ride throughout, it was overall an incredibly interesting and funny show, with a concept that could have been truly amazing. It never seemed to want to run with it as much as it should, though. The first season brought in other characters way too quickly for instance, but throughout its four season run it delivered some great comedy. 

Brooklyn 99 on the other hand was possibly the funniest show on television, and routinely delivered hilarious and fantastic episodes week in and week out. It’s the kind of comedy like The Office where you can just hop into a single episode and laugh your ass off, but also have these fantastic stories and and characters that pulled you in. Even after five seasons it felt fresh and that it had a lot more to say. It wasn’t even suffering that badly in viewership, which just makes this all the more baffling. Sure, it wasn’t a home run, but come on.

Thankfully, people seem pretty upset about 99 being cancelled, and the groundswell of support from social media and angry bloggers (you’re welcome) has prompted some reports that Hulu and a few other networks may pick the series up to continue it. That’s a long shot, but Hulu has done it a few times before — most notably with The Mindy Project — so it’s not impossible. We’ll just have to wait and see if things turn out noice or not. 

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ May Find New Home; Hulu, Others Eye Fox Comedy Amid Massive Outpouring After Cancellation [Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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