Fox makes Marcy Martha May Marlene monolith


It was cool when Fox Searchlight put out some stylish QR code posters for Martha Marcy May Marlene, an upcoming film about a young girl who joins a cult in the woods. Scanning the QR codes generates two new trailers, a neat marketing tactic. But a new extension to this campaign has left me scratching my head.

That picture up above is the Martha Marcy May Marlene Monolith, something Fox has supposedly put in the middle of the Catskill Mountains. Not to speak down to the people living there, but I highly doubt the occasional passerby is going to have a smartphone capable of reading those QR codes. All they’ll see are two heavily obscured faces.

And if it’s not actually out there, what’s the point? Fox claims the two trailers were only available through QR codes prior to this, but our last post proved that false. Sometimes marketing departments have some half-baked ideas.

[Via Fox Searchlight]