Fox removes Fantastic Four sequel from schedule


I’m not sure the comic movie world will ever forgive Fox for what they did to Fantastic Four, but despite being torn to pieces and making no money the film was going to get a sequel. It was scheduled to release on June 9, 2017. It isn’t anymore. In fact, Fox has removed the sequel from its release schedule entirely, finally confirming what everyone knew: there’s no way to follow up the big turd they gave us.

This, of course, doesn’t mean there won’t be another Fantastic Four film from Fox. While the company clearly can’t come up with a good idea for the superhero team they’ll be damned if they let the rights roll back to Marvel because they haven’t used the licence. We’ll probably see another rushed, troubled production released just before the window of opportunity closes for them so they can hold onto the rights for no good reason. 

Matthew Razak
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