Fox’s X-Men and Fantastic Four will share a universe


Now that production has wrapped up on Fox’s next big comic book movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, we can finally start hearing little tidbits about the Fantastic Four reboot coming in 2015. And while this next bit of information isn’t a huge thing, it at least lets us breathe a little easier for Fox’s comic book movie future. 

Mark Millar, via Twitter, recently stated that Fox’s comic properties (X-Men and Fantastic Four) will share the same universe/continuity/dimension: 

I keep seeing ‘news’ that X-Men & FF movies are crossing over. No, they’re not. They exist in same universe but movies stand alone.

While sharing a universe doesn’t mean much of anything, it does at least let us know that Fox (under Millar’s guidance) has most of its act together. Who knows? Maybe the two franchises can cross someday when they’re successful? Hell, I’d take a quick call to Professor X or a wanted Wolverine poster in the Fantastic Four movie just to keep me happy. 

[via Twitter]