Fox still wants to make that new Mr. Ed movie


About a year ago, I pitched what is still the best idea for a new Mr. Ed film. Fox still hasn’t called me back about it, but that hasn’t stopped them from going ahead with this…thing. Word has it that Waterman Entertainment, the folks doing that Brave Little Toaster remake, is working on bringing Mr. Ed out of the stable and into our hearts.

Cooper Waterman, one of the higher ups at the company, said “We are identifying properties that have had success with multiple generations of parents who feel comfortable and have excitement about reintroducing the characters and storylines to their own kids and grand kids.” So in essence, these films the company puts out (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Brave Little Toaster, etc) are there to prey on the nostalgia of parents? Why not put out something original instead of something safe and pedestrian? I digress, this isn’t the time or place to bring up this argument.

But seriously, who’s excited for the return of Mr. Ed?!