Francis Ford Coppola to show off Twixt at Comic-Con


San Diego Comic-Con has become a premiere place to find trailers, segments, and screenings of upcoming films, even if they’re only tangentially related to geeky pursuits. Marvel’s connected films are a no-brainer for the convention. But here’s one of the strangest movie announcements I ever heard: Francis Ford Coppola — yes, Coppola — will be appearing at this month’s Comic-Con to show off portions of his latest film, Twixt, previously called Twixt Now and Sunrise.

Even stranger, Coppola’s Saturday panel will incorporate live music by indie performance artist Dan Deacon to “demonstrate the interactive experience of the film.” Uh, okay.

We don’t know much about Twixt, but according to Coppola it is “one-part Gothic romance, one-part personal film, and one-part the kind of horror film that began my career,” referring to his work under Roger Corman. It may be that Coppola is looking towards his 1992 Dracula film, which coincidentally was a reason for him to visit the 1991 Comic-Con to promote.

Hopefully we’ll find out more about Twixt once we get to the last week of July, but until then, it’s strange to imagine a director of Coppola’s stature hanging out in a place like Comic-Con.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]