Frank Grillo is Crossbones in Captain America 2


Along with Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, Frank Grillo has joined the cast of the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier as Crossbones, a gun toting villain who’s good at hand to hand combat. Weirdest thing though is that Crossbones’s character is tied in with the Red Skull. 

Crossbones is some guy who went to a school for criminals (comics!) and ended up as a henchman for Red Skull after being the sole survivor during one of his mercenary missions. He also famous for one big other event which I choose not to mention because spoilers. Point is, this character is extremely tied in with Red Skull. Does that mean El Craneo Rojo will make a return, or are they rebooting the character for different purposes? Am I just reading too much into this? Yes, that’s probably it.

[Variety, via Collider