Frank Oz wants to be Yoda again


Regarding the recent rumors about who may or may not be getting a stand-alone film, Yoda was considered as a potential character within the rumor mill. While some don’t want one, others think that it may be a good idea. Besides the point, there seems to some sort of possibility of some sort of spin-off of Star Wars.

Frank Oz has come forward and basically implied that if such a stand-alone movie were to arise, then he would like to return to voicing Yoda. In an interview with Hero Complex, he said that he hasn’t heard anything regarding the new projects by Lucasfilm and Disney. He just wants to be associated with his character again.

If you wanted Oz to be puppeteering Yoda again, then you will be disappointed. Oz said, “I think at this point you can’t go back to the puppet.” I know I’m upset as well because the puppeteering has a sort of charm to it. But it is rather limiting as to what can be done with it, at least physically.

But still, having Frank Oz come back to voice Yoda (if the movie happens of course) would be awesome.

[via Hero Complex]