Frankenweenie producers talk shop


Frankenweenie was a movie I first heard of about a year ago. What immediately went through my mind was that Tim Burton was self-flagellating himself and just trying to remake something that he’d already done. After careful and somewhat reserved consideration, I’ve decided to give it a chance, for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a Beetle Juice reunion movie (Michael Keaton, Winona Ryder, etc.) and that is the best Tim Burton film, in my opinion.
  2. It’s not another goddamn musical. Danny Elfman is back to do the score.
  3. It looks like the Corpse Bride.

That’s really all the convincing I need. However, if you need further proof of this obvious return to form (don’t worry, I’ll shoot my foot if the movie sucks), please do watch the video up top! It’s from the D23 event. The producers of Frankenweenie, Don Hahn and Allison Abbate, talk about the movie and give us some hints as for what to expect. We’ll probably see more of the movie in October, so keep the snake in its cage until then.

[Via Collider]