Freddie Wong gives us 8-Bitham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Matt was reasonably partial to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, releasing today. If you’re like me, though, you probably took one look at the trailers and said, “Poppycock! Such a premise is beneath me, save in the form of a videoed game.” Never fear, though. Youtube superstar Freddie Wong has heard your monocles plop into your tea cups  and has released 8-bitham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which transforms the movie (or maybe the book? I don’t know) into an old-school beat ’em up. I suppose there could be some spoilers in this one, but really, if you couldn’t see an ending where the hero triumphs in the end, you may actually be illiterate. In which case, I guess my spoiler warnings here are for naught. 

Also, before you complain about it being “8-bit” when, technically speaking, it’s not actually 8-bit, kindly f**k off.