Free Birds trailer shows us how to ruin Thanksgiving


Here’s a tip: do not bring your children to a movie about anthropomorphic turkeys attempting to rescue other turkeys from being eaten before Thanksgiving. What you’er going to get is a kid who won’t eat their turkey or a reenactment of Homer’s flying pig roast (depending on how zealous your child becomes).

Other reasons not to see Free Birds. Well, it just doesn’t look very good. I’m sure it’s kid friendly enough, but the racist American Indian stereotype at the end and lackluster humor throughout just left me with a bad taste all around. Plus, when was the last time you saw an animated movie with only three famous people doing voice acting? These things usually have 20 names that fly by.

Oh, new poster you don’t care about below as well that raises another question. Aren’t nuggets made out of chicken? Is a nugget some part of the turkey I don’t know about?

Matthew Razak
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