Free Guy’s newest trailer commits to a December release


Every other film might be getting pushed into 2021, but things are different for Free Guy. In the latest trailer for the Ryan Reynolds starring video game-like film, Disney has signaled its intentions to bring the film to theaters this December. Supposedly releasing on December 11, 2020, I’m not so sure I see the studio going ahead with that date.

In fact, Reynolds, his co-stars, and the film’s director even put out a joke trailer that covered their bases should the film be delayed. While I think the movie looks surprisingly decent, I’m not sure it would have been a hit even if the world wasn’t collapsing around it.

That said, this new trailer doesn’t show off too much we didn’t already know. Free Guy is about a person named Guy existing in a video game world where he realizes he’s in a video game. It’s not the most original concept, but it looks to have fun with the idea that video games can be absurd. It’s also a neat way for Reynolds to incorporate CGI and stunts in a manner that doesn’t appear out of place.

If the film actually sticks with that December release, then it may just be the last film that comes out in 2020. I suppose that’s an okay way to end the year.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, YouTube

Peter Glagowski
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