French action film Sleepless Night getting Americanized


This is beyond sad. Used to be that, when Hollywood ran out of ideas, studios go into the past and remake something that people hadn’t seen in a couple of years (or decades or whatever). Nowadays, the instant something that requires subtitles hits a big screen it is already being optioned off for American remake. Such is the case with French action film Sleepless Night, which premiered at the Toronto film festival… last f*cking Tuesday. Seriously, in less than 10 days, Warner Bros. picked up the rights to remake the film for an American audience.

This is honestly one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard of a studio doing. They’re so devoid of ideas that they are taking brand new films and remaking them? Why not just get the rights to release the movie in America? I haven’t seen it, but apparently it’s pretty good. I know that the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies playing in theaters near my house (not that it saved that series from getting the remake treatment), so I know it can be done goddamn it!

[Via Collider]