Fresh batch of Battle School logos from Ender’s Game


Although Ender’s Game has a lot going for it (like a craggly Harrison Ford and a score from the man who scored the underrated Glory), I still think it’s going to debut to little fanfare. It’s story is wonderfully dark (but somehow features children), and its got a premise that will hopefully survive more than one film (although if a series never takes off then I’d be fine with the ending). 

To help get me (and those three other people) hyped, here are a batch of logos for the Battle School teams (teams the kids are separated into to learn how to fight in the war) including the Salamander, Rat, Asp, and [spoiler redacted] armies. You can check them out in the gallery. 

[Ender’s Ansible,, and Ender’s Game Fansite, via Collider