A dramatic reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is entering production


Try as I might to forget the ’90s, it seems like Hollywood simply won’t let that happen. In a new announcement from actor Will Smith and director Morgan Cooper, it looks like the hit NBC show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is up next for the reboot treatment. Based on a fan film directed by Morgan last year, this latest series will be a more dramatic take on the tale of Will and his shenanigans in his uncle’s mansion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bel-Air (as the series is being called) has been in production for over a year. Cooper originally uploaded a “trailer” that imagined what Fresh Prince would be like if given the modern-day treatment. Instead of being a funny, irreverent, and sometimes deep comedy like the original, this was something more in line with the gritty and realistic dramas that Hollywood has an unhealthy obsession with.

Apparently, Will Smith loved the trailer so much that he got in touch with Cooper and work promptly started. Smith will serve as an executive producer alongside Cooper, who will co-write, direct, and be a co-executive producer. Original series producers Quincy Jones, Benny Medina, and even its creators Andy and Susan Borowitz are involved with Chris Collins (The Wire) set to produce and co-write. It certainly sounds like a lot of production is going into this.

There’s no news about which network it will end up on, but HBO Max, Peacock, and Netflix are mentioned. Considering the original series is available on HBO Max, I think it’s a given that the company will end up as the home of this reimagining.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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