Fresh trailer for The Green Knight saddles for a journey


It’s been a bit of a rocky road for David Lowery’s The Green Knight, his Arthurian epic starring Dev Petel. Distributed by A24, the film was originally set for a May release last year but then, well, last year happened. Put on ice and kept to keep cinephiles rapt with excitement, a proper trailer and new release date are sheathed and at the ready for what looks to be one of the biggest releases of the year.

Petel as Sir Gawain, a figure of folkloric legend, hunts the titular Green Knight, an abomination of mysterious and dangerous origin. With its roots in well-documented myth and a terrific cast including Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton, The Green Knight is looking to be something special.

If nothing else, it’s looking to be something gorgeous. From the period detail in the trailer to the stark and eye-catching marketing material (which is decidedly not green), there’s an aura about this one. David Lowery, seemingly a jack-of-all-tones with his library of films (ranging from the moody A Ghost Story to previous work on Disney’s Pete’s Dragon) tackles new territory with what seems such confidence; it’s admirable, bold filmmaking that demands attention.

Set for a theatrical release July 30th, hopefully theaters and vaccinations are in supply such that The Green Knight will find the attention it seems to deserve. In the meanwhile, take a gander at some of the sleek posters that’ll be adorning those quiet cinema walls.

Green Knight Poster 1 Green Knight Poster 2