Fresh Wreck-It Ralph deleted scene, plus sequel details


With Wreck-It Ralph‘s home video release only a few more weeks away, IGN grabbed this deleted scene from the film featured on the Blu-ray. In the scene, Ralph finds himself in a prison, and Felix is a guard…somehow. I can see why this scene was cut out, since it seems like an entirely different movie. They’d have to add in this scene, plus a bevy of other information, and WIR was just harmless as it was. 

To go along with the scene, IGN got a few paltry details about a possible WIR sequel from director Rich Moore. He said the interest was there from the current cast, and they’re all “just kind of waiting for an official word at this point, but it definitely seems like something could happen.” He also wants to get Dirk the Daring (from Dragon’s Lair) and Mario (Super Mario Bros.) cameos despite the legal rights issues, and would like to tie the sequel to mobile gaming’s current advances. But sadly, Moore confirms there’s not even a plot at this point. Still, I’m sure we’re getting another one. 

[via IGN]