Friday Night Lights movie script is complete


If you’ve ever watched TV and Friday Night Lights wasn’t a show you watched when you did then you did it wrong. Go to Netflix now and watch it all. While the series had a decent run on TV more of it could never be a bad thing so news that Connie Britton (Ms. Coach) has a script for a movie based on the series is very exciting. 

Of course there’s already been a movie (based on the book that the show was based on) that was pretty well received, but that movie didn’t have the cast of characters we all eventually fell in love with and that instantly makes it not as good. Now, a finished script doesn’t confirm anything, but Britton seems pretty sure that the movie will get made and the only impediment at the moment is getting everyone’s schedules together. Of course way back in 2011 she said almost the exact same thing and this is the first we’re hearing more about it so grains of salt all around.

[via Huffington Post]

Matthew Razak
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