Friday Night Lights to become a film? Again? Awesome!


Remember that football film, Friday Night Lights? You probably don’t; it wasn’t that good. I’m the person who used to encourage friends to watch new shows (Archer, Parenthood, many more) that impressed me, so imagine my surprise when a friend talked me into trying the Friday Night Lights TV series — based on the same book the film was based on — and it turned out to be amazing. Good plot, great characters, and spectacular acting. If Remember the Titans is the Godfather of football films, then Friday Night Lights is the Sopranos of football TV series. It’s that good.

Depending on which broadcast outlet you’ve followed, the final season FNL just concluded recently — I’m almost caught up! — and a sports columnist surprised fans with the news that the story might not be over yet. Bill Simmons tweeted that FNL director, writer, and producer Peter Berg “told us he wants to do an FNL movie with Chandler/Britton off the final episode.” I’ve loved Kyle Chandler ever since Early Edition, and he was great in Super 8 as well.

TVLine has confirmed that the movie is definitely being talked about seriously, but that it will be a long and complicated road as they work out all the legal rights of a book turned movie turned TV show turned movie again. Until then, has anyone noticed that FNL might be the new That ’70s Show in terms of bringing a flood of emerging new actors to the world? Aimee Teegarden (Prom, Scream 4), Adrianne Palicki (R.I.P. Lone Star, 2011’s Wonder Woman), Minka Kelly (The Kingdom, Parenthood), Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, Battleship), Jesse Plemons (Paul, Battleship), Scott Porter (Caprica, The To Do List), and plenty more.

[Via TVLine, via Twitter]