Friday the 13th gets an insane Blu-ray collection


Among the slasher franchises that sprung up in the late 70s and early 80s, Friday the 13th is probably the most impactful and important series to spawn during that time. Catapulting Jason Vorhees into horror superstardom, everyone knows who Jason is in the same way that everyone knows who Darth Vader is. Friday the 13th might not be the scariest slasher franchise out there, and it’s been well over a decade since we last got a new installment, but it’s arguably the most fun slasher series I’ve ever seen.

To commemorate the series, distributor Shout Factory announced today that they will be releasing a gargantuan collection for diehard Friday the 13th fans. The set will consist of 16 Blu-rays and have every movie in the series naturally with two discs featuring extra features and two other discs containing the unrated versions of the original film and Jason Goes To Hell. As for those extra features… my God they’re extensive.

The amount of additions that are being collected for the first time is staggering. Many of the movies feature completely new commentaries, new 4K scans for the first four entities and a 2K scan for Jason Goes To Hell, an assortment of TV, radio, and magazine ads being collected for the first time, electronic press kits for some of the later films, an exclusive poster and lithograph, and a seductive slipcase housing it all.

This is the ultimate collection for any hungry Friday the 13th fan. If you’re at all interested, you should head over the Shout Factory’s website to preorder it, as the lithograph and poster are only for the first 7,000 to preorder. Currently, the set is slated to release on October 13th, 2020, and will retail for $159.98. Might make a good watch this Halloween season. Just a thought.


Jesse Lab
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