Friday the 13th machete swings back into action with new screenwriter


We all knew Friday the 13th would once again return. As the greatest of all the slasher series it had to. Once Paramount got the rights from WB it was just a matter of time and that time is almost nigh. Paramount has set a release date for the film of May 13, 2016 and brought on Nick Antosca (Hannibal, Believe) to write a new draft of the screenplay, which looks into why Jason Vorhees can’t die. 

David Bruckner, of V/H/S fame, is set to direct and is said to be pushing a found footage style film. Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes is producing. They made the 2009 film as well and that was a blast, though flawed, so with all these great parts coming together it’s looking like this one could be too. 

[via THR]

Matthew Razak
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