Frozen 2’s latest trailer gives us a clearer idea of the plot

Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2

The initial trailer for Frozen 2 looked almost like a completely different movie from the original. Once a story about subverting fairy tale tropes, the sequel appeared to be going in the direction of a war story. Were Anna and Elsa going to kick ass and take names? A little of that rings true, but the latest trailer certainly clears up what the hotly anticipated follow-up is actually going to be about.

For starters, we’re actually going to get some background on Anna and Elsa’s past. We see their father recounting stories to them that will likely be loaded with life lessons pertinent to 2’s plotline. As well as that, it looks like Elsa is going on another journey of self-discovery that could potentially lead her to a dark place. I guess you can only really do so much with Frozen that wasn’t already covered in the first.

I’m not certain if I’m excited or not, but at least the film doesn’t seem to be a complete genre shift. This does look more in tune with the original, even if it’s darker overall. I can get down with that.

Frozen 2 | Official Trailer 2 [Walt Disney Animation Studios via YouTube]

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