Frozen had Disney Animation’s biggest box office opening


Ever since I walked out of Frozen (while giving it my highest review score ever) I’ve been on a constant Frozen hype train much to the dismay of my fellow Flixist editors. The film is the best thing Disney has put out in ages and I’m happy to report that its box office numbers reflect the quality. Although Frozen couldn’t topple The Hunger Games: Catching Fire its opening weekend, it’s done wonders for Disney as the film broke a lot of the company’s records. 

According to Cartoon Brew, Frozen made $93 million over the five day holiday weekend (and $66 million starting from Friday) besting Disney Animation’s former record holder, Wreck-It Ralph‘s $49 million dollar opening. Compare that to the last non-Pixar Disney Princess film, Tangled (which opened during the Thanksgiving holiday as well)’s $68 million and we’ve got a winner here. Although some might complain over Frozen‘s use of songs in the first 75 percent of the film, they’re good enough to ease you in. Frozen deserves the money it earned. 

[via Cartoon Brew]