Full-sized Sentinel from X-Men: Days of Future Past


Bryan Singer’s Twitter account has been the source for a lot of news/updates regarding X-Men: Days of Future Past. Thanks to Singer’s Twitter, we’ve received some set photos, casting information, and photos of a mostly-naked Jennifer Lawrence.

Yesterday on Singer’s Twitter, we got a picture of a full-sized Sentinel with Singer beside it for scale. It was accompanied by the following message: “Here’s to the next 50 years.” The line is a reference to the viral marketing material from Trask Industries, the fictional company responsible for the creation of The Sentinels (and also giving Peter Dinklage incredible facial hair).

I’m assuming this is one of the smaller Sentinels, or at least a smaller model. Check out the full image in the gallery. What do you think of the design and scale?

[Bryan Singer on Twitter via Comic Book Resources]

Hubert Vigilla
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