Funko’s Pop! Movies line features Robocop, Predator


If you’re someone who occasionally buys toys to place near your work space like me, then you’ve probably heard of Funko’s line of vinyl figures. They’ve done everything from Disney characters, Marvel and DC characters, TV show characters, and now they’re further branching out their movie line. 

Robocop, Alien (particularly a Xenomorph), Ace Ventura, Predator, and Hannibal Lecter are waaay overdue for a Funko figure, but thankfully we won’t have to wait much longer. According to Tomopop, these figures (except Ace Ventura, who’s getting a five day delay) are due to release May 16th. I’m nabbing Robocop and Predator myself because they’re soooo damn cute! Anything catch your eye?

[via Tomopop]